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  • inheritance of inventiveness,
    more professional, more precise and more green

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    Cultural concept

    ● Core values:responsibility, diligence,innovation and sharing

    ● Mission:to provide high-quality products for the society, to create a happy life for the employees.

    ● Vision:to build a world-class forklift bearing products base

    ● Quality policy:science and technology, with first-class products, satisfactory service, continuous improve the quality of the level, to meet customer requirements.

    ● Environment policy:build the green plant, optimize the environment of the factory; Respect environmental laws and regulations,and benefit society; Improve continuously, and develop harmoniously.

    • Honesty pragmatic and win-win

      Wanda with responsibility, integrity, pragmatic, win-win for the enterprise values, the performance of the corporate responsibility for creation, sharing, together with the staff.

    • Forge ahead innovation

      Wanda adhere to forge ahead The spirit of innovation Keep the entrepreneurial mentality, create passion The pursuit of excellence, never satisfied.